Blitzortung Past 2 Hour Strikes for Past 2 Hours

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North America

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Lightning Map Courtesy of hobbyist lightning detection network.
Data supplied by Blitzortung network members using their home-built Blitzortung hardware.

The Blitzortung networks members build (from kit parts) the detector which monitors H-field (and now can do E-field) emissions from lightning strikes, and has a set of servers in Europe to correlate the Time-Of-Arrival at detectors v.s. GPS-time and uses that to locate strikes. There is a great (and somewhat hypnotic) realtime map for North America where you can see real-time strike info, and which stations participated in the location of that strike. There is a companion site that offers the same data and uses a zoomable Leaflet Map for display. A new vector-based live map is available here. The latest and greatest Blitzortung Map is here.

For those interested in more information about Blitzortung, there is a Blitzortung forum in the US at and a public forum. In order to access the internal forum there, you'll need to have a Blitzortung member id.

Blitzortung 2 Hour Strike for Past 2 Hours Display by Ken True at