USGS Earthquake Activity

Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 1.5 or greater within 900 mi
Update time = Sun, 27-May-2018 2:55am CDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
0 mi NE of Cushing, Oklahoma 2.9 000534332 mi 1527362801Sat, 26-May-2018 2:26pm CDT map
9 mi ESE of Lincoln, Montana 2.4 001440894 mi 1527330867Sat, 26-May-2018 5:34am CDT map
19 mi W of Mentone, Texas 2.7 001207750 mi 1527287671Fri, 25-May-2018 5:34pm CDT map
27 mi SE of Park Valley, Utah 1.9 001365848 mi 1527268036Fri, 25-May-2018 12:07pm CDT map
32 mi SW of Broadus, Montana 3.0 000889553 mi 1527242195Fri, 25-May-2018 4:56am CDT map
7 mi N of West Yellowstone, Montana 2.6 001261783 mi 1527235461Fri, 25-May-2018 3:04am CDT map
1 mi N of Anthony, Kansas 2.3 000421261 mi 1527209421Thu, 24-May-2018 7:50pm CDT map
8 mi WSW of Lilbourn, Missouri 1.8 000759472 mi 1527207066Thu, 24-May-2018 7:11pm CDT map
6 mi NNW of Lenoir City, Tennessee 2.7 001205749 mi 1527192530Thu, 24-May-2018 3:08pm CDT map
17 mi SE of Virginia City, Montana 1.5 001314816 mi 1527177298Thu, 24-May-2018 10:54am CDT map
6 mi SE of Beaver, Utah 1.6 001395867 mi 1527170560Thu, 24-May-2018 9:02am CDT map
9 mi NNE of Caldwell, Kansas 2.6 000412256 mi 1527168847Thu, 24-May-2018 8:34am CDT map
9 mi NNE of West Yellowstone, Montana 1.8 001251778 mi 1527158304Thu, 24-May-2018 5:38am CDT map
24 mi SW of Malad City, Idaho 1.8 001335830 mi 1527155247Thu, 24-May-2018 4:47am CDT map
4 mi WSW of Townsend, Montana 1.5 001351839 mi 1527092925Wed, 23-May-2018 11:28am CDT map
10 mi SE of Lincoln, Montana 1.7 001438894 mi 1527091350Wed, 23-May-2018 11:02am CDT map
9 mi SE of Lincoln, Montana 1.6 001439894 mi 1527091338Wed, 23-May-2018 11:02am CDT map
22 mi NE of Kanab, Utah 1.6 001402871 mi 1527080727Wed, 23-May-2018 8:05am CDT map
34 mi SE of Ammon, Idaho 2.0 001250777 mi 1527080458Wed, 23-May-2018 8:00am CDT map
32 mi WSW of Hoback, Wyoming 1.7 001248775 mi 1527080218Wed, 23-May-2018 7:56am CDT map
16 mi NE of Manhattan, Montana 1.5 001304810 mi 1527048370Tue, 22-May-2018 11:06pm CDT map
5 mi ENE of Edmond, Oklahoma 3.0 000572355 mi 1527034548Tue, 22-May-2018 7:15pm CDT map
11 mi WNW of Medford, Oklahoma 2.2 000449279 mi 1527027227Tue, 22-May-2018 5:13pm CDT map
4 mi WNW of LaFayette, Georgia 2.6 001198744 mi 1526975645Tue, 22-May-2018 2:54am CDT map
29 mi ENE of Jackson, Wyoming 1.5 001167725 mi 1526965784Tue, 22-May-2018 12:09am CDT map
20 mi N of Cimarron, New Mexico 2.7 000839521 mi 1526857467Sun, 20-May-2018 6:04pm CDT map
2 mi N of Harrah, Oklahoma 2.4 000588365 mi 1526857080Sun, 20-May-2018 5:58pm CDT map
10 mi WNW of Paris, Idaho 1.7 001255780 mi 1526854360Sun, 20-May-2018 5:12pm CDT map
45 mi NNE of Van Horn, Texas 2.6 001237769 mi 1526844855Sun, 20-May-2018 2:34pm CDT map
12 mi SSW of Nixon, Texas 2.4 001304810 mi 1526838095Sun, 20-May-2018 12:41pm CDT map

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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.