USGS Earthquake Activity

Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 1.5 or greater within 900 mi
Update time = Wed, 19-Sep-2018 11:19pm CDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
15 mi ESE of Old Faithful Geyser, Wyoming 1.7 001205749 mi 1537368288Wed, 19-Sep-2018 9:44am CDT map
9 mi SE of Lincoln, Montana 1.7 001440895 mi 1537343974Wed, 19-Sep-2018 2:59am CDT map
5 mi ESE of Guthrie, Oklahoma 2.8 000554344 mi 1537334116Wed, 19-Sep-2018 12:15am CDT map
4 mi ESE of East Carbon City, Utah 1.8 001173729 mi 1537299525Tue, 18-Sep-2018 2:38pm CDT map
2 mi ENE of Ridgely, Tennessee 1.6 000801498 mi 1537298141Tue, 18-Sep-2018 2:15pm CDT map
7 mi ENE of Soda Springs, Idaho 1.6 001247775 mi 1537280365Tue, 18-Sep-2018 9:19am CDT map
9 mi NE of Enid, Oklahoma 2.4 000490304 mi 1537278549Tue, 18-Sep-2018 8:49am CDT map
14 mi SW of Afton, Wyoming 3.3 001220758 mi 1537262550Tue, 18-Sep-2018 4:22am CDT map
13 mi SE of Soda Springs, Idaho 1.5 001240770 mi 1537198632Mon, 17-Sep-2018 10:37am CDT map
10 mi N of Bald Knob, Arkansas 2.2 000738458 mi 1537150498Sun, 16-Sep-2018 9:14pm CDT map
9 mi S of West Yellowstone, Montana 1.7 001252778 mi 1537127519Sun, 16-Sep-2018 2:51pm CDT map
2 mi E of Ridgely, Tennessee 2.1 000801498 mi 1537125683Sun, 16-Sep-2018 2:21pm CDT map
1 mi NE of Langston, Oklahoma 2.2 000540335 mi 1537119455Sun, 16-Sep-2018 12:37pm CDT map
11 mi N of Snyder, Texas 2.8 000959596 mi 1537116993Sun, 16-Sep-2018 11:56am CDT map
8 mi NNW of Pawnee, Oklahoma 2.4 000483300 mi 1537063138Sat, 15-Sep-2018 8:58pm CDT map
13 mi N of Crescent, Oklahoma 2.7 000524326 mi 1537061050Sat, 15-Sep-2018 8:24pm CDT map
10 mi NE of Morgan, Utah 1.5 001251777 mi 1537042551Sat, 15-Sep-2018 3:15pm CDT map
24 mi NNE of Kanab, Utah 2.5 001410876 mi 1537018078Sat, 15-Sep-2018 8:27am CDT map
11 mi SE of Anthony, Kansas 2.1 000429267 mi 1536973293Fri, 14-Sep-2018 8:01pm CDT map
6 mi N of Tiptonville, Tennessee 1.6 000786488 mi 1536958264Fri, 14-Sep-2018 3:51pm CDT map
3 mi ENE of Butte, Montana 1.6 001402871 mi 1536952278Fri, 14-Sep-2018 2:11pm CDT map
1 mi ESE of Junction City, Kansas 2.5 000197123 mi 1536917309Fri, 14-Sep-2018 4:28am CDT map
6 mi S of Pecos, Texas 2.5 001218757 mi 1536913847Fri, 14-Sep-2018 3:30am CDT map
9 mi SE of Lincoln, Montana 1.8 001439894 mi 1536911698Fri, 14-Sep-2018 2:54am CDT map
27 mi NNE of Milford, Utah 1.9 001396867 mi 1536911157Fri, 14-Sep-2018 2:45am CDT map
2 mi ENE of Ridgely, Tennessee 1.8 000801498 mi 1536896202Thu, 13-Sep-2018 10:36pm CDT map
6 mi N of Tiptonville, Tennessee 2.6 000785488 mi 1536894920Thu, 13-Sep-2018 10:15pm CDT map
6 mi N of Tiptonville, Tennessee 2.7 000785488 mi 1536890101Thu, 13-Sep-2018 8:55pm CDT map
7 mi S of Vonore, Tennessee 2.1 001234767 mi 1536876237Thu, 13-Sep-2018 5:03pm CDT map
6 mi ESE of Caldwell, Kansas 2.5 000430267 mi 1536874549Thu, 13-Sep-2018 4:35pm CDT map
6 mi SE of Caldwell, Kansas 2.5 000430267 mi 1536873292Thu, 13-Sep-2018 4:14pm CDT map
7 mi NW of Cherokee, Oklahoma 3.0 000468291 mi 1536863450Thu, 13-Sep-2018 1:30pm CDT map
9 mi E of Marion, Kansas 2.6 000274170 mi 1536859770Thu, 13-Sep-2018 12:29pm CDT map
9 mi SW of Old Faithful Geyser, Wyoming 2.0 001235767 mi 1536847172Thu, 13-Sep-2018 8:59am CDT map
2 mi ENE of Ridgely, Tennessee 1.6 000801498 mi 1536844556Thu, 13-Sep-2018 8:15am CDT map
5 mi NNE of Harper, Kansas 2.4 000399248 mi 1536833829Thu, 13-Sep-2018 5:17am CDT map
5 mi NNE of Harper, Kansas 3.1 000400248 mi 1536824611Thu, 13-Sep-2018 2:43am CDT map

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